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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Add Video Clips to Microsoft PowerPoint

Integrated video clips can add a valuable element to any PowerPoint presentation. Add video files to capture your audience's attention and present information in various styles.


Click on the slide into which you would like to insert the video file.

Click on "Insert" in the menu bar. Scroll over to "Insert Movies and Sounds."

Click on one of two options for inserting video files: "Movie from Clip Organizer" or "Movie from File."

Select "Movie from Clip Organizer" to browse video files stored on your computer. Select the desired file. When prompted, choose whether to have the video play automatically or when clicked.

Select "Movie from File" to insert a specific video file stored on your computer or network. Double-click, or highlight, and select "OK."

Drag the video image to your desired location and drag the sizing handles to resize the image.

Click on the video image to "test-drive" it. Impress your clients, teachers, coworkers and friends with your impressive PowerPoint skills!

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