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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Add a File Name to Your Documents

Here are the smart and easy steps to add a file name to a Word document:

1. Move to the location where you want to see the file name and optional file path. This might be the document header or footer or any other location in the file.

2. In Microsoft Word 2010 or Word 2007, click on the Insert tab and choose Field from the Quick Parts drop-down list (found in the Text group on the Ribbon). In Word 2003 or earlier, go to Insert > Field...

3. Choose these options from the Field dialog box (which is essentially the same for all recent versions of Microsoft Word) and then OK to add the field to your document:

* Categories= Document Information

* Field name= FileName

* Format is optional but includes a number of text displays: Uppercase, Lowercase, First capital, Title case.

* To include the file path, also choose the option Add path to filename.

Here's an example of the field results with a lowercase format:

c:\users\dawn\documents\office 2010 example files\chocolate.docx

The same field looks a bit different with a Title Case format:

C:\Users\Dawn\Documents\Office 2010 Example Files\Chocolate.Docx

The filename field will automatically update if a file is saved with a new name or in a different location. If you click on the field, it will display as shaded to indicate this is an automatic document field; the shading will not show when your work is printed.

Now, with just a few clicks, you can easily identify and locate files by adding the file name to your Word documents.

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