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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Microsoft Office PowerPoint Meets Windows Mobile 7

Windows Phone 7, the new generation mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, is due to launch in Europe and Asia on October 21, 2010, and in the US on November 8, 2010. On the other hand, Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one of the most well-known and classic office software assistants for educator, business people, and etc. In this article, let us discuss some questions about Microsoft Office and Windows Mobile 7. Does the newly-released mobile OS integrate the PowerPoint service perfectly?

Microsoft Office Mobile, the mobile version of Microsoft Office applications, is the solution built in the Office hub made for Windows Phone 7, which doesn't need you to download or install anything else to get started, but just go to the Office hub on your phone to open and work on your Microsoft Office documents.

Through the Office hub, you can start using the Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile, as well as other Office Mobile applications on your phone, including: Microsoft Word Mobile, Microsoft Excel Mobile, Microsoft OneNote Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
Can PowerPoint run very well on Windows Mobile 7?

You can prepare, review, edit and even practice PowerPoint presentations and other Office documents on your phone. This is great for making those small and last-minute changes, or there is no laptop and a wireless connection available. For example, you can quickly add some last-minute notes to a PowerPoint presentation, fix a small typo in a Word document, add a last-minute number into an Excel workbook, and etc.
You can also share your PowerPoint presentation in a variety of ways from your phone, such as by saving your changes back to the shared presentation on a SharePoint site (a website that lets you and others view, edit, save, share and collaborate on documents, projects, schedules, and ideas), sending a link to it in email, or by sending the PowerPoint presentation itself in email. Afterward, you and others can open and edit it on a computer using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or online in a web browser using Microsoft PowerPoint Web App.

Is there any other method to view, share and send PowerPoint presentations?
Microsoft Office Mobile is designed to the coming-soon Windows Mobile 7, the applications ideal for other mobile Oss (iOS 4, Android, Symbian) are not available. However, with some PowerPoint converter (, it will not prevent you from viewing, sharing online, sending your PowerPoint files via email.

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