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Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Is Microsoft Office Project Professional

Microsoft Office Project Professional is a project management software program for Microsoft Windows PCs. The software allows you to track projects, create Gantt charts and much more.


Project management methodologies require project managers to track tasks and resources and produce documents such as plans, Gantt charts and network diagrams. Microsoft Project provides the tools to create these plans, allocate resources and track progress made with projects.


Microsoft Project allows you to input key tasks, due dates and dependencies, automatically producing the project plan as you go. The software allows various reports and diagrams to be generated from the project data.


Microsoft Office Project Professional is the advanced version of this software and provides additional features, such as connectivity to Microsoft Project Server and advanced resource management. These features are not included in the less-expensive, standard version of the software.


Although Microsoft Project is part of the Microsoft Office range of software, it is not included with the core software suite (Microsoft Office Standard, Small Business or Professional.) Microsoft Office Project Professional is purchased separately.

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