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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top benefits of using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Early this morning, Microsoft globally oriented does officially released Microsoft Office 2010 > beta with 32-bit and 64-bit , and also provides English, west, French, German, Japanese, Russian and simplified Chinese version. Below are 10 main benefits of Outlook 2010.

1 To manage multiple email accounts in a position
You can easily manage multiple mailbox E-mail. You can possess multiple email accounts, such as Hotmail, Gmail or Outlook 2010 and almost any other providers at the same time. Improvement and Microsoft Exchange Server connectivity support to use and manage multiple Exchange Server email accounts in a certain position.

2 Easily manage a large number of emails
Outlook 2010 "Conversation View" can not only save precious inbox space, at the same time improve the functions of tracking and managing email dialogue. It can make long email thread compressed into some Conversation which can be classified, filed, ignored or cleaned just by a few clicks.

3 Custom common tasks for click command
Use Outlook 2010 Custom Action by creating and define multiple tasks that can implement through click can save time, These tasks includes replying the meeting requirements, moving to the particular folder, for creating new email for assigned group, etc.

4 Easily plan, conveniently and efficiently arrange appointments, share calendars usability and manage work plan
Use E-mail calendar function, your can send your plans to others, so that others can quickly find the next appointment time with you. If you use Outlook 2010 in Exchange Server, you can use new grouping plan view to view multiple calendars side by side.
5 Easily to search the needed content

Use Outlook 2010 can easily classify amounts of data. The enhanced search tool provides you the methods of quickly searching and managing huge emails, calendars and contacts files.

6 Create attractive email dynamic graphics and pictures
Editing tool no longer used only in Word and PowerPoint. Use Outlook 2010, you can use remarkable image (for example preset SmartArt graphics, themes and styles) to attract readers. You can also insert and set pass screenshots format in Outlook to pass your ideas to the reader more easily .

7 keep connection with social and commercial network
Outlook 2010 is your friends, family and colleagues. If you use Facebook, LinkedIn or other types of social or commercial network, you can use Outlook 2010 to access to other information about relevant people, such as our mutual friends and other social information, and can keep better contact with your community and business circle.

8 Ensure that your email arrived at the scheduled visit groups
For business users, it is a common problem to send unnecessary E-mail to the contacts outside office, unexpected reply large distribution list and distribute confidential information outside company. Through using new Mail Notifier functions, it will appear a warning when you send E-mail to large distribution list, the person outside office or organizations.

9 Receiving voice mail and fax in inbox
Use the new technology of Outlook 2010 and Exchange Server 2010, you can directly receive voice mail and faxes in inbox, and can use computer, Outlook Mobile or Outlook Web Access to visit in almost any place.

10 Use outlook 2010 to start with Real-time Conversation keep in touch with contacts By combining with Outlook 2010 and Office, you can see the Communicator contacts list. You can hover in name to check whether they are idle, and then directly through instant messaging, voice calls or video to start conversation easily.

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