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Saturday, July 16, 2011

SharePoint Authentication Methods

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007, the latest stable version, is a suite of software that enables servers to run better. Authentication methods vary greatly, depending on which version of SharePoint is in use. It also depends on what other programs are used in conjunction with SharePoint. For example, If you use SharePoint Server 2007 in conjunction with SQL Server, the authentication method would be different than what you'd use if you were using any of the SharePoint versions alone.

SharePoint Facts

The different products included in what Microsoft calls the "SharePoint Family of Technologies" include SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SharePoint Server 2007 MOSS Standard and SharePoint Server 2007 MOSS Enterprise, SharePoint 2010 (still in beta), Groove Server 2007 and Project Server 2007, among other programs. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, also part of the SharePoint family, is used as an editor to "customize the SharePoint" experience according to administrator preference.

The actual use of SharePoint software generates a platform and tools used by IT professionals to be more effective and productive. These concepts seem to produce a better administration environment while giving professionals better "interoperability," according to the SharePoint Server 2007 website.

Methods and Purpose

SharePoint authentication is a necessary part of the logical order of implementing the software suite. The authentication process identifies a person who tries to use the software within the server and then decides, depending on the user's credentials, which parts and programs of the SharePoint suite that user is allowed to access.

The basic standard that manages all authentication needs for most versions is the Internet Information Services for Windows, or the IIS Windows authentication method. This method requires a standard user account or, if working within a networked domain, a domain user account. Domain accounts are recommended by Microsoft whenever possible because of the greater security associated with these accounts.

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