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Friday, July 8, 2011

Problems in Printing Large PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint has become one of the staple programs in creating presentations used in schools and company meetings as of 2011. Aside from charts and text, PowerPoint also allows you to insert pictures, sound, moving images and even videos on your presentation. Another good feature of PowerPoint is that you can print your slides to use as handouts or references; however, there are some problems that users encounter when printing large PowerPoint Presentations.

Slides Printing Slowly

This is can be one of the most common problems when printing large PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint presentations are usually filled with images and other large file types and all these files are saved individually inside the presentation. Because of this, presentations become large files and the user experiences trouble when printing them out. Slides sometimes print really slowly because PowerPoint is set up to "print in the background." If this feature is enabled PowerPoint only uses a limited amount of memory on the computer while it's printing, making the transfer of information far slower than usual. Since the file being printed is a large file, the slowness of the printing is very noticeable.
Text and Graphics are Misaligned when Printed

Another printing problem that large PowerPoint files encounter is that they print out misaligned texts or images. This can be related to the printer itself and to the PowerPoint program. Basic presentations with limited text alterations do not experience this problem since the information contained in the file itself is minimal. However, as the text and graphic information become more complex, issues may arise especially if the printer's drivers are not updated. Unlike a basic Word document, PowerPoint needs a special extension file to properly print complex presentations.
Presentation Does Not Print At All

There are some instances where large presentations do not print at all, but you will be able to see it on the printing queue of the computer. One reason related to this problem is that the computer's memory needs to be refreshed. This usually relates to the computer's RAM being clogged up with a lot of information and it can no longer process the printing of a large file.
Basic Troubleshooting Steps

There are several ways to avoid the commonly encountered problems while printing a large PowerPoint Presentation. First, make sure that the "print in the background" option is disabled. This can easily be done by going to the printer settings of PowerPoint. Second, make sure that PowerPoint is updated automatically through Windows Update and that the printer's drivers installed on the computer are the latest releases. Third, if it's really a large file and the computer has been turned on for a long period of time, always remember that the first simple solution is to restart the computer to refresh its memory.


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