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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Microsoft Communicator 2010 came as a savior

Hi! I'm Stephen, an entrepreneur by profession. I have set up a business firm and am immensely contended with the credibility of 1000 employees, who are working in my organization. During the last 5 years I have grown from the grass root to a magnificent showcase of management, administration and an organized workflow in my office. My firm also boosts technological advancements, with a well knit communication among the staff members. There has so far never been any problem on the technical ground till recently when the office communicator just stopped working, disrupting the smooth working. Lack of inter-staff communication created a fatal mess in the working of the different departments in my office. The fast and secure communication along with the feature of multiple user access, sharing of desktop and documents were all at stake, hampering the work. And being the boss, the situation just got on to my nerves. I was perplexed and ardently sought for technical support.

At this juncture one of my associate gave me a toll free helpline number of an extremely reliable tech support firm, which he always referred to in case of any sort of technical assistance. I immediately called and in no time got connected to the tech support expert named Anthony. With his polite and confident gestures, Anthony went on asking me the details about the working of our Microsoft Communicator 2010. To be able to understand the problem, he asked me several questions. It took him not much time to understand where the fault was. Wasting not a single moment, he started troubleshooting the problem with the interconnected Microsoft Communicator 2010.

Thanks to Anthony, the issue got resolved within a few hours and the Microsoft Office Communicator 2010 started working as smooth as ever, brining the work back to the normal flow. I am so immensely satisfied with Anthony and his tech firm's service that I have taken a pledge of referring to this particular tech support organization all the time I face any technical problem from now onwards.

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