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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like Microsoft Office easy to use

Microsoft Office is too expensive to buy? Need a office software to replace? Here, I introduce you a wonderful office software called Yozo Office.

Working with Yozo Office is no different than any other Office program. If you have used a spreadsheet you are already familiar with the concept. A spreadsheet stores multiple worksheets in a single file. Yozo Office uses the same principle but in addition to spreadsheets also stores text documents and presentations in a single file we call a binder.Binders can hold a total of 255 Spreadsheets, 64 Text Documents and 64 Presentations.When opened, all binders contain three worksheets, one text document and one presentation. Documents can be added to the binder by selecting Insert > New Document > Text Document/ Presentation/ Worksheet.

Select a binder or document in the Navigation Pane to open that document or click on the Application Switch Bar Icons located at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Application Switch Bar
Select an Icon to open or create a document
Spreadsheet Icon
Text Document Icon
Presentation Icon

If a document has not previously been created, Yozo Office will automatically create a new document in the active binder.

Worksheets, text documents and presentations can all be given the same name. No two documents of the same type (spreadsheet, text document or presentation) however can share the same name. When first opened, unless you choose to change the binder or document name Yozo Office will name the binders "Binder 1 .eio", "Binder 2. eio" and documents sheet 1, Document 1 and Presentation 1. The Yozo Office could be accurately two-way compatible with Microsoft Office 97, 2003 and other versions as well as latest Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 versions. Meanwhile, the software also supports opening template files (dot, xlt and pot files), and the fragments files of Microsoft Office and encrypted Office documents. It could replace Ms Office for the daily office.

Yozo Office could operate on Windows, Linux and android OS and other operating systems. Yozo Office 2010 fully supports e-government platform and enables OA system smoothly migrate to meet the needs of informatization for both government and enterprise. The excellent applicability and good technical foundations of the product make it be more and more accepted by users.

Go to our home page to download one for trying.We have a 30-day trial version.In addition,the professional version only needs $41.95. Get beyond: Integration function Yozo Office innovatively integrates the three applications in one, and through the creative proprietary technology of the data object repository effectively solves the data integration, application integration and document integration between applications of office and constitutes a unique integrated office solution and leads a new generation of the office revolution.

Application integration: pioneering integrates three applications into one interface; the unified way of interactive mode is more user-friendly. The application integration has become the foundation of the applications of data integrations.

Data integration: after the connection is established, the data of three major applications could be cross referenced and synchronous updating, so that data management and maintenance become easier.

Document integration: Multiple text documents, worksheets, and presentations can be integrated in a binder. The unique data objective repository supports the word processing in spreadsheets and the application in presentations and other various data objects and brings a great convenience to the document data management.

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