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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Use Microsoft Project Video

Microsoft Project is a project management software application for the Windows operating system. Teams can use Microsoft Project to track and manage all facets of a major project from start to finish. Project has a learning curve, however, which has created a market for tutorial packages and training videos. If you're looking to learn Microsoft Project and want to use videos as a guide, there are several options available.


Watch the Project tutorial videos provided by Marrutt. Marrutt has videos that describe many Microsoft Project features and processes. The videos on the Marrutt website are in QuickTime format. To access even more videos, you'll need to purchase the full package. As of July 2010, this costs $124.95.

Visit the VTC website to watch Microsoft Project training videos. These videos are available in two formats: QuickTime and Flash. VTC has a decent library of free videos to watch.

Learn Microsoft Project by watching the free videos posted on the HyperTeach website. HyperTeach provides Project tutorial videos in both QuickTime and Flash. The free library of videos covers the basics of Microsoft Project.

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