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Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Upgrade From 2003 to Microsoft Office 2010

Install the upgrade edition of the Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite to migrate from Microsoft Office 2003 and gain access to the new software versions. The 2010 edition of the suite contains most of the same software packages that were included in the 2003 edition, with a few enhancements and additional file formats. New wizards and templates help to automate many processes, and the fresh look and feel breathe new life into the venerable suite.

Insert the setup disc for the Microsoft Office 2010 suite in the optical drive of the target computer.

Click "Run Setup.exe" on the "Autorun" menu when it appears. Alternatively, navigate to the optical drive by clicking on "Start" and "Computer," then clicking on the drive that contains the setup disc -- typically drive "D" or "E" on most computers.

Click "Customize."

Enter the key code license number found on the Microsoft Office 2010 packaging and click "Next" to continue.

Accept the license agreement and click "Next" to continue.

Click the option box to the left of the first item on the list, and click "Install All on My Computer" to install the software suite and all available options onto the system. This avoids the need to put the installation disc back in when you access certain features at a later time.

Click "Install Now" to continue with the installation.

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