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Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Troubleshoot MS Office Communicator

Microsoft Office Communicator is a suite of modules that enables better ways for clients and customers to interact. The suite contains IM tools, desktop sharing, and video editing. Office Communicator is best used in large organizations or by freelancers who need a way to present sales pitches to remote clients. Troubleshooting issues takes a few steps, to ensure the software is configured properly.


Verify that the software allows for phone and desktop interaction. This is used when you are unable to interact with Communicator's desktop. Click the "Actions" menu and select "Options." Click the "Accounts" tab, select "Enable phone integration" and click the "Ok" button.

Check the "Do Not Disturb" settings. If you aren't receiving incoming connections, this setting may be enabled. Click the "Actions" menu again and select "Options." Clear the checkbox that is labeled "Enable Do Not Disturb" and click "Ok."

Configure additional phone numbers if the option to "Call Forward" is disabled. Click the "Actions" tab in the Communicator main menu and click "Option." Click the "Personal" tab to view phone settings. Select a phone type and click "Edit" to enter a new phone number. Click the "Ok" button. The "Call Forwarding" option should now be enabled.

Check settings for your email address when missed call notifications are not being sent. Click the "Actions" menu and select "Options." Select the "Rules" tab. Check the box that is labeled "Send me e-mail when I miss a call on this computer." Click the "Ok" button. You should now receive emails when you miss a call.

Enable the default phone when outbound calls are created on the wrong device. You can control the phone used when placing calls. For instance, Communicator can use your physical phone or the computer. To check settings for phone calls, click the "Actions" menu and select "Options." Click the "Phone" tab. Choose the phone you want to use as the default and click the "Ok" button.

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