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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Set Up Microsoft Communicator

As with other Microsoft Office programs, including Word and Excel, Microsoft Office Communicator is an application that is widely used in the business world. Communicator allows workers to chat and share information with one another over their company's network. If the software is already installed on your work computer, you can still set it up to your specifications. If you are installing the software yourself, you can set it up during the installation process.


Set Up During Installation

Insert the Communicator disk into your disk drive and select "Home Server," followed by "Install." Enter a user name and password and click "Next."

Enter the serial key number found on your disk case and click "Next." Select all of the settings you wish to employ for the program.

Click "Install" and wait for the software to install, then click "Finish" when the dialog box opens.
Set Up Post Installation

Launch the program. Click on the arrow in the left corner of the window and select "Connect," followed by "Change Sign-In Address."

Click "Personal." Enter your email address that corresponds to the server you are on (most likely your work or Outlook email address), then click "Advanced."

Enter your server name and click "OK." Enter your sign-in information, including password, then click "Sign In."

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