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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Set Up an Infopath Form on a Sharepoint Website

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise tool that enables organizations to easily organize and collaborate on projects using a Web-based platform. Aside from document and information sharing, it also allows users to integrate the use of applications from the Microsoft Office suite. One of the many applications used in conjunction with SharePoint is Microsoft Infopath, a program that allows users to create forms on the fly and makes it easy for project managers and collaborators to set up user-submitted forms on their SharePoint sites.


Create a new Form Library on your SharePoint site. Go to "Site Actions" and "Create." Under the Libraries section, click on "Form Library." Follow the prompts to create a new Form Library. Record the URL.

Customize your Form Library to display the Infopath form as a Web page. Click on "Settings" and "Form Library Settings." Under "General Settings," click on "Advanced Settings." Select "Display as Web page" in the section for browser-enabled documents and click "OK."

Create a form in Microsoft Infopath. You can manually create your own form or select from the pre-made forms available.

Go to "Tools" and "Form Options." Under "Compatibility," place a check mark next to "Design a form template that can be opened in a browser or Infopath." Click on "OK."

Link your Infopath form to your SharePoint site. On Infopath, Go to "Tools" and "Submit Options." Place a check mark next to "Allow users to submit this form." Under the section "Send form data to a single destination," choose "Sharepoint document library" and click on "Add." In the "Document Library" field, paste the URL of your Form Library, deleting AllItems.aspx at the end. Click on "Next" and "Finish."

Save and publish your Infopath form. To publish the form, choose "Publish Form Template" under "Design Tasks." Follow the prompts in the Publishing Wizard. When asked where to publish the template, choose SharePoint. Enter the Form Library URL (without AllItems.aspx at the end) as the Sharepoint site URL, and place a check mark next to the box indicating that it enables the form to be filled out using a browser. When all the steps in the Publishing Wizard have been completed, click on "Publish."

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