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Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Push Microsoft InfoPath Over Network

Microsoft InfoPath lets you create forms and form templates that users can fill out either in their Microsoft Office programs or in a web browser. It uses Microsoft Office conventions, including fonts, bullets and tables. You don't need familiarity with programming code or any particular technical skills to create and send out forms.


Go to "File" > "Publish" from the main menu. The Publishing Wizard opens.

Choose the "To a network location" option. Click "Next."

Click the "Browse" button to open the Browse dialog box.

Browse to the network directory where you want to publish the form. Click "OK."

Enter the name of the form in the "Form template name" field. Click "Next." To add a different path name (such as a web address), enter it in the next page. Otherwise, click "Next."

Verify you entered the information correctly. Click "Publish."

Click the "Send the form to e-mail recipients" checkbox to send an email containing the form and template to users. Click "Close."

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