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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Learn a Microsoft Office Product ?

Microsoft Office is a collection of word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and data applications for use in Windows and Mac platforms. According to Forrester Research, 80 percent of marketplace users utilize a version of Microsoft Office for enterprise productivity and collaboration. Early versions of the software included an animated "Office Assistant" that offered real-time tips and troubleshooting. In 2007, Microsoft changed its help features to include a built-in database of information and online tutorials. By maximizing these resources and utilizing outside training, you can learn Microsoft Office in ways that benefit you personally and professionally.


Learn the shortcuts built into the Microsoft Office suite, such as those that utilize the "Ctrl" key or the icons that are used by all the applications. Highlight any tab on the main menu to see the command next to its appropriate shortcut, or hover your mouse over the icons on the various toolbars in Microsoft Office suite programs to instigate a pop-up bubble that reveals what clicking on it will do.

Utilize the built-in database by pressing "F1" or selecting "Help" on the main menu and clicking an option below, such as "Microsoft Office (Product) Help." Scroll through the core topics offered, or type in specific questions to produce a variety of queries and information you can click through to learn more about the application.

Visit the Microsoft Office website by selecting "Help" on the main menu and clicking "Microsoft Office Online" or going directly to the support page (see Resources). Select topics of interest that will help you learn the program better, including features you may not normally employ. Register for the forum and engage in discussions with other users over common and unique issues.

Join a local classroom or an online learning community, such as (see Resources). Look for curriculum that offers the complete package of Office programs and allows for interaction between a teacher and other students.

Purchase or borrow a book, such as "Microsoft Office for Dummies," that uses everyday language to give a comprehensive education of Microsoft Office. Read through the book with another person to increase your learning experience.

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