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Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Create Outlook Email

Unlike older editions of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2003, which relied on a single menu bar for navigation, Microsoft Outlook 2010 sports a sleek, ribbon interface. Users who are new to the application, or who aren't accustomed to the changes made to Microsoft Office, might not know how to navigate the email client. MS Outlook 2010, however, uses command icons rather than text, making it simpler for new users to figure out how to create and edit mail.


Open Microsoft Outlook. Click the "Home" tab," then click "New E-mail."

Enter the recipient's email address into the "To" field. Enter addresses into the "Cc" field to send a copy of the message to others.

Click "Insert," then "Attach File" to add an attachment to the email. Click "Options," then click "Bcc" to add a hidden recipient, or click "From" to change the sender's address.

Enter a message into the body of the email. Enter a topic into the "Subject" field.

Click "Review," then click "Spelling & Grammar" to check the email for mistakes. Click "Send" to deliver the message.

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