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Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Convert a PDF to OneNote

Microsoft's OneNote program helps users gather and manage information from a variety of sources. You can drag images into the application, clip Web pages and even import text documents into OneNote. If you need to import a PDF into the program, you cannot do it by simply clicking a "Convert PDF to OneNote" button. You can, however, use the print driver that Microsoft includes with OneNote to import a PDF directly into the application.

Launch Windows Explorer and locate a PDF file you wish to import into OneNote.

Double-click that file. Your default program, such as Adobe Reader, opens and displays the PDF.

Click the program's "File" button to display a drop-down menu. Look for the "Print" option in that menu. Most applications call the option "Print" or some other variation such as "Print File." After clicking that option, a print dialog window opens and displays drop-down boxes, text boxes or other controls that allow you to customize your print job.

Locate the drop-down menu or text box that lists your available printers. Click "Send to OneNote 2007." If you use OneNote 2010, click "Send to OneNote 2010" instead.

Click the "Print" button. The application uses OneNote's print driver to send the PDF to OneNote.

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