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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Add Audio in a PowerPoint

Microsoft has continually updated and improved its Microsoft Office line of software, which includes popular word processing and spreadsheet programs such as Word and Access. Another popular program in the Office Suite is PowerPoint, which allows users to create slide shows on their computers. These presentations can be customized in virtually any way imaginable, including different backgrounds, text and animations. Adding audio to a slide is another customization option available to PowerPoint 2010 users.


Run PowerPoint 2010, open the presentation you want to add audio to, then open the slide you would like the audio to play on.

Select "Insert" above the Ribbon. This changes the Ribbon's options.

Click the downward-pointing arrow next to "Audio" on the ribbon.

Click "From file." This closes the audio menu and opens a pop-up window where you can search your computer's files.

Locate the audio file you want to add to the PowerPoint slide, then click "Open." This closes the file-browsing window. A prompt will pop up.

Select your desired audio playback option from the pop-up prompt. Choosing "Automatically" means the audio file will begin playing when the slide opens during your presentation. "When clicked" means the file will play when the slide opens and after you click.

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