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Saturday, July 16, 2011

About MS Office Genuine Advantage

MS Office Genuine Advantage is a program initiated by Microsoft, the makers of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word programs. The MS Office Genuine Advantage program detects whether or not your Microsoft Office or Word programs are genuine Microsoft software. Microsoft states the program is necessary so they can stop counterfeiters and make their software and those who sell it appear more trustworthy.


The Office Genuine Advantage program is installed into a Windows computer through an Active X control, which is downloaded with Office updates or from the Office Validation Website. The Office Genuine Advantage tool only downloads when the Microsoft Office suite, or any part of the Office suite is present. The program is retroactive, meaning it will validate or invalidate all Office software, no matter when it was installed.


This program will determine if the software on the computer is genuine Microsoft software or a forgery. The program requires no further action on the part of the user when it detects that the Office software installed is in fact valid. However, if the program detects the software is invalid, it displays a dialogue box alerting the user of the possibility that they are using counterfeit software.


Everyone using Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 with any complete Microsoft Office Suite or single application such as Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint or any other single MS application must validate their copy of the software. If not, they will not have the ability to download critical updates. The Active X control is available for Internet Explorer, and a plug-in of the Active-X control is available for Firefox. A stand-alone version of the validation tool is available for use at the Microsoft Office website for any other browser or if you have problems with the Active-X control for any reason.

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