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Monday, June 27, 2011

Telligent Releases Integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

DALLAS, TX – February 15, 2011 – Telligent, a leader in enterprise social community software, is pleased to announce a beta release of its integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Telligent is furthering its integration with Microsoft technologies, enabling companies to leverage best-of-breed social community software with their Microsoft investments. Telligent software is built on a Microsoft infrastructure and is committed to providing deep integrations with and support of Microsoft technologies, from browsers to enterprise search to unified communications.

Telligent's company heritage comes from Microsoft. The company's key technologists, including founder and CTO Rob Howard, hail from Microsoft and understand how important security, stability and enterprise-strength are to the enterprise. Microsoft is a longstanding customer and partner of Telligent, which powers more than 30 Microsoft communities, including mission-critical product communities for Microsoft Windows, Bing and Microsoft Office 365.

The new, highly anticipated integration package for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides a unified platform for knowledge capture that combines the best people-centric social community software from Telligent with the best document‐centric collaboration from Microsoft to enable corporate communication, employee collaboration and innovation.

*Empower document collaboration across the organization: Employees can work within the Telligent Enterprise interface to check out, edit and check in documents; interaction is seamless with all the controls embedded within Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other authoring tools. Versioning capabilities enable employees to view past versions of documents and revert to previous versions directly from the Telligent Enterprise UI. Collaborating on documents while also collaborating with people has never been easier.

* Eliminate the employee learning curve with a familiar user experience: Employees accustomed to working within Microsoft SharePoint will feel right at home in Telligent Enterprise with an editing experience that is intuitive across both applications.
* Experience flexible document management with social interaction: Telligent Enterprise integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 simplifies social community and document management configuration. Organizations can connect any media library within Telligent Enterprise to any Microsoft SharePoint document library while maintaining the appropriate level of privacy and security.
* Simplify configuration for administrators: Through quick and easy linking of any Microsoft SharePoint document library with any Telligent Enterprise media library, files already stored within Telligent Enterprise are moved to Microsoft SharePoint immediately and all subsequent additions and changes are captured automatically.
* Deliver insight to employees with consolidated activity messages: Telligent Enterprise integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 consolidates activity messages to streamline Microsoft SharePoint members' visibility into what their colleagues and friends are doing across Microsoft SharePoint sites, Telligent Enterprise groups and other applications connected to the Telligent platform.
* Partner with a technology leader committed to integration with Microsoft technologies: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 integration builds on Telligent's current integration with SharePoint 2007, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, opening the door for advanced functions including knowledge sharing through: blogs, wikis, forums, online polls, media galleries of photos and videos, email, synchronized document editing, instant messaging and more.

The announcement of Telligent's integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a preview of what is coming from the company in terms of its commitment to the Microsoft technology platform. The integration paves the way for Telligent's next step, instant communication with Microsoft Lync Server 2010.


"This new integration with SharePoint 2010 furthers our commitment to Microsoft and advances our vision of providing game-changing people-centric collaboration," said Rob Howard, founder and CTO of Telligent.

"Our commitment to integration Microsoft technologies helps companies achieve Community by leveraging their Microsoft assets with Telligent," said Wendy Gibson, Telligent CMO. "The idea is to combine innovative social tools with companies' investments in Microsoft and evolve into a true community where employees feel free to collaborate and innovate."

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