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Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Microsoft Project 2010!

Its hard to believe it has been a year already when we announced the Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server 2010 release on the official Project blog: Microsoft Project 2010 has Launched! So much has happened during the past year in terms of customer momentum, partner readiness, solutions, content, books etc. that it would be impossible to recap it all. Instead to illustrate the awesome momentum this release has I will just illustrate recent related announcement and releases in the past 24 hours alone (and by no mean exhaustive), simply amazing:

Microsoft Project for the masses RTMd Today: Microsoft Project 2010 Inside Out (Microsoft Press) Enterprise Applications: Microsoft Project 2010: Top 10 Features (

An guess what we have a lot more imminent announcements and news you will all enjoy so stay tune to the Project channel!


I baked a nice virtual muffin for the occasion and I wish you a very very happy Birthday Microsoft Project 2010!

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