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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's New in Microsoft Access 2010?

There are features tailored according to the employees in "roles such as human resources, research and development professionals and sales persons." Microsoft has incorporated the feature of Share-point server in office 2010 borrowing the ideas from "Web 2.0" when it was implemented on internet.

The international standard version of office open XML file format, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, can be supported by Microsoft office 2010. Transitional variant could only be supported by office 2010 in its pre-release (beta) form and not the strict. An OASIS standardized Open Document Format (ODF) can be supported by Microsoft Office 2010.

There are some features included such as a background removal tool, a built in screen capture tool, new smart templates, a protected document mode and author permissions. The office button in 2007 version is replaced by a menu button known as backstage view which leads to a full- window file menu. This helps in giving a easy access to functions such as sharing and printing. The menu button accessibility regression in 2007 no longer follows Fits Law. In all office applications there is a modified ribbon interface present which includes One Note, Project, Vision, publisher and Outlook. In windows 7, office applications have functional jump lists which allows the user to access the relevant tasks and recent items to the applications.

Social connector is a new feature in Microsoft office 2010. This enables the user write e-mails keeping in track of their friends, family and colleagues by viewing past communication history and status updates. When the users view their emails a name, title and a picture is available for the person they are contacting. The social connector cannot work on office 64 bit, Microsoft suggests to use 32 bit products. Sync feature also does not work on x64 bit of office 2010.

Features of Office 2010 include:

* Background Removal Tool
* Ribbon interface and Backstage View across all applications
* New text and image editing effects
* Jump lists in Windows 7
* New Smart-Art templates
* The Word 2007 Equation editor is common to all applications, replacing MS Equation 3.0
* Letter Styling
* New animations in Power-point 2010
* Screen Capturing and Clipping tools
* Live collaboration functions

Microsoft access can be used to create desktop applications but the web development is lacking. For access developers installing access services on Share-point server and then using the web development tools within access is the most natural approach. However the introduction to Share-point will increase the cost and introduce some other complications.


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