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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 Offers Virtual Hosting Customers the Right Features

The new Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite, released in June, includes a broad selection of new and upgraded features. Primarily targeted at the business market, the updated version includes new ways to create, enhance, and co-author documents in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote, connect with contacts and keep track of events in Outlook, and deliver presentations using the Web. Improvements to the core environment, such as the new Backstage View and additional file format support, round out the suite's new features.

The important additions for virtual hosting customers are the revised user interface and improvements to Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Professional Plus users will benefit from improved SharePoint integration and additional Outlook features.

Become Social Media Savvy with Outlook and the Social Connector
Integration with social networks, including LinkedIn and SharePoint, are included in the new version of Outlook, with Facebook coming soon. The Outlook Social Connector imports social network data into your contact list, displaying the online activity of business associates and friends. If e-mail recipients or meeting attendees have recently blogged on a subject or posted a link that's important to users on Facebook or SharePoint, users will be able to access that information right away. In addition, advanced e-mail management and calendar features make planning easier than ever.

Create and Collaborate with Word 2010
Word offers an array of improved editing and picture tools, including picture correction, background removal, picture layout options, and artistic effects.

Word 2010 also supports concurrent editing by multiple users for.docx files located on SharePoint Server 2010 or a cobalt-enabled server. Collaboration features include automatic highlighting of new material, color-coded author bar with initials, version support, and near real-time synchronization speeds.

PowerPoint Broadcast Slideshow, Co-authoring, Brings New Portability
An Interesting new feature to PowerPoint is its remote slideshow capability. This enables users to present a slideshow over the Web or a network connection to virtual and live attendees simultaneously. Broadcast Slideshow allows users to present sales material one-on-one to a potential client, or offer an educational seminar to employees located remotely.

Simultaneous editing enables users to create presentations in collaboration with a team, or from a home or office without closing the document. Features include automatically highlighted new content; color-coded author bar with initials; version support; and faster synchronization, enabling changes to be displayed in near real-time.

New features in PowerPoint also include video and audio editing, new photo effects, and help and translation tools.

Excel Power Users Get Macro, HPC and Business Intelligence Support
Many of the improvements to Excel will apply to business intelligence users. The new Excel features are as follows. Sparklines: cell-sized, information-dense graphics used to increase reader comprehension by showing trends in a series of values. Slicers: visual controls that allow users to quickly and easily filter data in an interactive way, floating above the grid and acting as report filters, hooking to PivotTables, PivotCharts, or CUBE functions. PowerPivot: a data analysis add-in that allows users to quickly model and analyze large amounts of data.


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