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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is There a Possibility to Migrate Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007?

Migration of Outlook (2003 to 2007) is extremely easy with Backup Migrate!

Outlook Migration is one of the versatile features, which helps you to move or duplicate your Outlook client if in case you are looking for Windows and or Microsoft Outlook up gradation.

What is Migration?

Migrate Outlook is a way to move MO files from one environment to another.

To move files from one account to another or from one machine to another, install Outlook Backup & Migrate Software on source drive as well as destination drive and backup your Microsoft Outlook from source drive.

To transfer or migrate your Outlook profile to destination drive, you can use either USB drive, CD DVD or a mapped network drive.

Why choose Backup & Migrate?

Outlook Backup & Migrate Software offers an advance feature called "Migrate" with the help of which, you can migrate duplicate the entire Outlook email client. With "Migrate" feature, it's very simple to

* Upgrade Operating System, Microsoft Office, or both.
* Create or duplicate Outlook settings for other user accounts on same or different system.
* When there is a need to format the bootable partition.

Easy to use interface accompanied with intuitive descriptions makes Outlook Backup &Migrate software a complete solution for all your backup Outlook needs.

Easy Steps to Migrate 2003 to 2007

Fix the software on the PC or Windows version where you would like to previously back up Outlook profile. You will observe Migration option window where you need to select further options. Once the Migration process is ended you would be able to view process summary.


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