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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Create a Database in Ms Access 2007

Creating a Database

When you launch or open Ms Access 2007 it gives you the option to open and create a new file or edit an existing one. Access makes it easy to create a new database by providing you templates to use upon opening the program which includes tables, report and forms with preconfigured relationships.

To start creating a database click the Blank Database option on the Getting started with MS Access page. After doing that you will see a File name box that will appear. Type in that box to name your database for fast accessing of data. Then click Browse a folder to find where you want to save the database.

When you are starting a new database with Access 2007 you can use templates that are sorted to categories depending on your need. Access gives you the chance to provide a file name for the database. It also provides a checkbox you can select to link the database to Windows Share Point Services. This allows others to collaborate to also work on the database.

When you are changing the name of a database all you have to do is to double click the name field and replace the file name of the database. To change a data type, you have to go through the Design View then click the data type cell. This will give you the option to change the data type to one of your choice. In the Navigation Pane you can see that there are sections of the database for deliverables, vendors and employees. You can open and close the sections by clicking the double arrows. You will be able to see both database projects in the window. For a more complete view of your projects you can close the Navigation pane. Finally, in saving a database click Close to close the table and hit Yes or enter to save the database.

Remember you can always toggle back and forth between objects by using the tabs in your document window. You can always use tabs and Ribbons for you to be able to access various program features to edit and improve your new database. Remember that there are a lot of online classes available that can provide you with more lessons and enhance your skills in using Access 2007.

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