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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Becoming Better With Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

Interestingly, OneNote is one of the four Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote). And OneNote is now a core productivity application and can be moved away from its former single purpose of a mechanism to make Christmas or birthday lists from web merchants, to one of profundity. Consequently, I should state that the real use of OneNote was to actually compile shopping, wish lists because it pasted the URL below the screens clippings I inserted from the browser! Let's list and then highlight just a few of OneNote 2010's many enhancements.

(1) Improved access to information

OneNote 2010 provides virtually uninterrupted access to notes by allowing you to view and use your notebook files anywhere - at work, home, or in transit. And with Sync to Windows Live you can access notebooks from any computer. You can also synchronize notebooks by using shared folders, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, and USB drives. Through Microsoft OneNote Web App, You can access and edit notebooks from a Web browser, even on computers on which the full version of OneNote is not installed. By using a compact version of OneNote on a Windows Mobile-based smartphone, you can access and edit your notebooks stored on Windows Live and SharePoint.

(2) Search, Outlook integration, organization, and editing improvements

The changes in these areas include the following: first of all, the improved search, which can find information on either the current page, within selected sections or notebooks, or within notebooks. Then, it is the Outlook integration improvements, its Create Outlook tasks from OneNote. Third, is the Editing improvements, the Mini Translator, which lets you use your mouse to point to a foreign word or phrase and see a translation into your native language in a small window (you can also use the Play button to hear the pronunciation of the word or phrase, and use a Copy button to paste the translation elsewhere in your notebook).

(3) Sharing and collaboration

OneNote 2010 supports simultaneous editing of notebooks by multiple users. For example, a group of users can work on a notebook at the same time, or a single user can work on the same notebook from different computers simultaneously, all without locking the file.

(4) Support for touch-enabled computers

OneNote 2010 provides support for computers that run touch-enabled operating systems such as Windows 7. The features include the following: first of all, is the Panning and auto-switching, on compatible computers that run Windows 7, the user can scroll and pan around any page in OneNote 2010 by using a finger and, depending on the input device, OneNote automatically switches between pen, pan, and selection. Then is the improved navigation, in this version, several navigational enhancements have been added to OneNote 2010 for users who have computers that run touch-enabled operating systems.


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