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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adding a Design Object Using Microsoft Publisher 2007

Publisher's design gallery provides a huge variety of design objects that were created in order to compliment publisher's design themes. You can add any of these objects yourself, even if you're not using the design for which that particular object was intended.

To insert a design object, first you will need to open your publication in publisher. Then click the design gallery object button within the objects toolbar. When you have done this it will display a dialog box. Select the type of object that you wish to insert, and use the zoom controls in order to preview the objects if you feel it is necessary.

Make sure you choose an object that fits the appearance based on your publication's design, in order to keep a continued themed giving your publication a professional look. When you have done that, simply click on the insert object button to insert the object into the publication.

When the object has been added into the publication, make sure you move it into the required position and adjust the size of it in order for it to fit into the publication. If it is necessary, you may need to ungroup the object and edit any text, modify or replace the clip art, and format any other objects in order to fit the design of your publication.

Now you have finished adding your object into your publication. Adding interesting and unique design objects is an effective method of making your publication look more interesting and professional.


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