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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 10 Social Computing Features of SharePoint 2010

Earlier this week Alina Fu, Project Manager for the Social Computing SharePoint Team at Microsoft, joined NewsGator's VP of Products, Brian Kellner, on a webinar where we presented the "Top 10 Social Computing Features of SharePoint 2010." There's a lot of great content in the webinar, which you can download here, but I wanted to specifically touch on the top 10 features that the two of them discussed.

First, Alina showed off the top six out-of-the-box social features of SharePoint 2010:

* Managing your content
* Staying connected
* Finding expertise
* Finding information
* Capturing unstructured content
* Working together anywhere

I wanted to give some examples of some of the features within these categories she demonstrated. In terms of managing your content, Alina demonstrated a person's profile page with personal and work related information, profile management, and managing tags and notes (filtering, sorting, etc.).

For staying connected, she showed off "My Network," where you can track your colleagues and interests, and a Note Board where you can post a note on a colleague's profile or leave a comment on a team site.

In terms of finding expertise, Alina pointed out SharePoint 2010's people search where you can sort by "social distance" and filter results by projects, skills, and responsibilities and an Organization Browser where one can browse through peers and management chains.

For finding information, she showed us an example of a search for content where one can search across sites, filter results by type, author, date, or tag, as well as create an alert or RSS feed on a particular search query.

When demonstrating the ability to capture unstructured content in SharePoint 2010, Alina demonstrated bookmarking (of both internal and external sites), tagging (sites, profile pages, lists, libraries, or items) and the suggested tag feature. She also briefly touched on blogs, video, an enterprise wiki, and an "office backstage" feature.

Finally, in regards to staying connected anywhere, she showed off a co-authoring experience in Microsoft Office through SharePoint 2010 (with featured participants) and mobile collaboration where you can access team sites, office applications, create blog posts and comments and have 1-click access to documents, sites and colleagues.

Then NewsGator's Brian Kellner took over and demonstrated the top coolest features in NewsGator Social Sites 3.0 for SharePoint. These included:

* Communities
* Microblogging
* Mobile
* Knowledge Explorer

Within Communities, Brian showed off several features including opt-in membership, aggregated events, its easy administration, and discovery and recommending (of communities).

For Microblogging, he demonstrated the unified view of updates from colleagues and communities, the ability to comment and "like," others' comments, which makes for easy conversation, targeting updates to specific colleagues or communities, searching across microblogging and activity stream events and the ability to include an image, video, or audio (and play these inline).

For the Mobile component of Social Sites, Brian showed that you can upload images and video along with status, comment, "like," and view notifications, and monitor and reply to activity in communities.

Finally, he showed the Knowledge Explorer in Social Sites with Silverlight control that allows for visual exploration. Within Knowledge Explorer, top scoring people are clustered around specific tags, top concepts are clustered around each person.

Between what Alina and Brian showed off, you can truly see how SharePoint 2010 and NewsGator Social Sites for SharePoint bring the very newest social features to connecting and collaborating within the enterprise!

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