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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Microsoft office 2010 home and student

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student upgrade is worthy for businesses and individual users who need professional-level productivity applications, but it will take some time to get accustomed with the newest interface. With Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, you and your kids can create great schoolwork and homeworks from multi-page bibliographies to multimedia presentations.Homework assignments worth framing.

Users looking for bare-bones, dead-simple office software should stick with Google’s and other online offerings or continue using older Office versions they have already mastered.A carpool schedule timed to the minute. Family budget planning that makes the lake rental a reality. Just some of the many things you and your family can create now with Office 2010.

Capture ideas and set them apart with video-editing features and dynamic text effects. Then easily collaborate with classmates without being face-to-face thanks to new Web Apps tools. The results go well beyond expectations with a little inspiration, a lot of creativity and Office Home and Student 2010.
Ms Office 2010 Home and Student

This version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 includes the software on disc, with a product key. It is licensed for installation on three PCs in the same household.

Office Starter is the basic version of Word and Excel that ships on new PCs. It doesn’t have the References, Review and View tabs on the ribbon, it lets you edit tables of contents and smart art that’s already in a document but it doesn’t let you create them from scratch and you can’t create pivot tables in Excel. It does have task panes – and it always has a little ad for Office in the corner.

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student

For customers buying a PC who need Office for their new PC only, and don’t need to upgrade other home PCs, a Product Key Card provides another way to purchase Office with a PC.

Here’s also a cheaper academic version of Office Professional, but the best way for most people to save money is to get the Home and Student version – or instead of paying for the box and the media, buy a product keycard with the licence number to unlock a pre-installed copy of Office Starter on a new PC.

The world has changed plenty since Microsoft introduced Office 2007. In that time, Google has become a major player, with its suite of online tools, and even Apple has made inroads with its iWork office suite, though admittedly within a smaller set of computer users. Even with the vast user base of Microsoft Office products, with new competitors in the market, Microsoft Office 2010 needed to be good. Playing catch-up and looking forward simultaneously, Microsoft tries, in Office 2010, to remain (or become) the central hub of your working life, letting you use your PC, smartphone, and the Web to make your projects come together more efficiently.
Office Home and Student 2010

The Home and Student version of Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; Home and Business adds Outlook. Professional, which we review here, gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher.

Word 2010 Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student - Word 2010

School fundraisers and neighborhood events come together efficiently when you use Word 2010. Create documents using new photo-editing features, lively text effects, then easily share them online and invite others to collaborate. Get more new features with Word 2010:

* Add impact to your document with new picture-editing tools.
* Better illustrate your ideas with diagrams by turning bullet-point lists into compelling SmartArt graphics.
* Apply new formatting effects to your text such as shadow, bevel, glow and reflection.
* Capture and insert screenshots directly into your document.
* Communicate with ease in many languages with improved translation tools.

Excel 2010
Saving for retirement, changing homes, cutting expenses–all are important financial decisions. Excel® 2010 offers useful direction with simple templates to help you build budgets and track expenses so you can focus on financial goals. Get more new tools with Excel 2010:Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student - Excel 2010

* Highlight data trends by creating data charts in a single cell with new Sparklines.
* Find the right data quickly with new filter enhancement in PivotTable views.
* Analyze data quickly. Highlight specific data with new and improved Conditional Formatting options.
* Display data in a dynamic and interactive way with PivotChart views.
* Spend less time sifting through data–use the new search filter to narrow down pertinent data to display.

PowerPoint 2010
Pressed for time on a major assignment? Get ideas down fast with ready-made templates, new photo- and video-editing features and eye-catching transitions all with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Get more new features including:Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student - PowerPoint 2010

* Embed and edit video files directly in your presentation.
* Set videos to fade in and out and apply a variety of video styles and formats.
* Broadcast your presentation online with new Broadcast Slide Show.
* Captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations.
* Use slide sections to navigate, organize and print your presentation.

OneNote 2010
Gather a wealth of information and resources all in one spot with OneNote 2010. Post, share and edit notes for group projects online so everyone can work at the same time with real-time updates. Get more new features with OneNote 2010:Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student - OneNote 2010

* Use quick filing to organize notebooks, ideal when you’re working on multiple projects.
* Apply styles and formatting to selected text to another paragraph with the new Format Painter.
* See results as you type with improved Search functionality and view a prioritized list of Search results.
* Easily organize and jump between your notebooks with the improved notebook Navigation Bar.
* Take notes while working in Word, PowerPoint or in Internet Explorer and automatically link them.

Whichever version of Office you get, you’re getting something you didn’t get before: OneNote and the web apps in all the versions, Publisher in the Professional version.

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