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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional

Key Features:

* Deliver rich, visual dashboards across the organization using Microsoft® SharePoint® and Visio Services
* Drill down with Pivot Diagrams to provide graphical BI analysis to Microsoft® Office Excel, Microsoft® Office Access, Microsoft® SQL Server, or any OLEDB/ODBC data source
* Use a diverse set of specialized diagrams
* Import, save, and work with CAD files

What's New in Visio 2010:

* Fluent UI
The Visio 2010 user interface is redesigned and now uses the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface (UI). First introduced in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, the Fluent UI is designed to make it easier for people to find and use the full range of features that Office applications provide, and to preserve an uncluttered workspace.
* The Ribbon
The ribbon, part of the Fluent UI, was designed to optimize key Visio design scenarios to make them easier to use. The ribbon provides quicker access to all the commands in Visio 2010 and allows for easier future additions and customizations. You can also customize the ribbon. For example, you can create custom tabs and custom groups to contain frequently used commands. To help maximize the editing of your presentation space on the page, the ribbon can also be hidden while you write. All existing Visio Software Development Kit (SDK) sample applications will be changed to use the RibbonX extensibility framework.
* Backstage View
The Microsoft Office Backstage is part of the Fluent UI and a companion feature to the ribbon. The Backstage view, which can be accessed from the File tab, helps you find frequently used features for managing your Visio drawings. (The File tab replaces the Microsoft Office Button and File menu that were used in earlier release of Microsoft Office.) The Backstage view is used to manage files and the data about the files, such as creating and saving files, inspecting for hidden metadata or personal information, and setting file options.
* ShapeSheet IntelliSense
If you are new to ShapeSheet formulas in Visio, they are similar to the formulas in Excel, except you can use them to program and recalculate shapes. A ShapeSheet spreadsheet stores information for every Visio shape. Within a ShapeSheet, formulas from previous versions of Visio are still valid.

The IntelliSense is new to Visio 2010. This feature does an automatic lookup and auto-complete for formulas.

Some of the benefits of ShapeSheet IntelliSense are as follows:
o Keyword lookup
o Keyword auto-complete
o Keyword definition pop-up
o Function signature hints pop-up
o Parenthesis matching
o Multi-line formula input for developers
o Supports local and cross-sheet references

What’s Changed in Visio 2010:

* Customize ink pens
The Customize Pens dialog box is removed in Visio 2010 and replaced with the new Pens model that is used by OfficeArt and OneNote. Visio 2010 no longer persists settings for five distinct pens in the registry. Users can no longer see an entry point for the Customize Pens dialog box or access the dialog box by any means. Instead, users can customize ink pen properties by using the controls on the Ink Tools tab.
* Color by Value
The Color By Value add-on no longer functions in Visio 2010. It is replaced by the Data Graphics feature set, which provides more functionality. You can no longer see the Color By Value add-on in the Add-Ons hierarchical control. Shapes no longer contain right-click actions to open the add-on. Object model calls from shapes that invoke the legacy Color By Value add-on result in an alert about the new Data Graphics functionality and a suggestion to view the Data Graphics Help files.
* Visual Studio Add-in/Add-on Wizard
The Visual Studio Add-in/Add-on wizard, which is included with the Visio 2010 SDK, was changed from the earlier version. The wizard in Visio 2010 SDK creates Visio add-on projects, but no longer creates add-in projects. Wizard support for Visio 2010 VSTO add-in projects is available natively in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

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