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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 Licensing

The Office 2010 Product Key Card (PKC)

The Office 2010 PKC is a new type of license that replaces the Office 2007 Medialess License Kits (MLKs). Designed for use with new preloaded PCs, Product Key Cards are available to activate any of the three Office 2010 suites. Learn more.

Product Key Cards are similar in many ways to the Office 2007 Medialess License Kits (MLKs).They are designed for use with new PCs preloaded with Office 2010, and include a 25-character Product Key that can be used by the end user to activate one PC preloaded with Office 2010. Product Key Cards do not include a disc; however, a backup download is available until January 2011 for reinstallation on the same PC. The Product Key Card license type is not transferable to another computer.

Customer Value

The biggest customer benefit associated with the Product Key Card is the customer experience and ease of activation on new PCs preloaded with Office 2010, since no discs are needed. Customers are up and running their new Office suites in just minutes, simply by entering the Product Key. Customers also temporarily have the ability to download a backup copy for reinstallation of the image on the same PC. Many consumers like the Product Key Cards and describe them as innovative, eco-friendly, and easy to activate.

Partner Value

Product Key Cards allow sales of Office 2010 with new preloaded PCs at a lower everyday price, offering a compelling reason for customers to purchase Office 2010 with their new PC. Product Key Cards also create a great upsell opportunity to Traditional Discs. From an inventory perspective, Product Key Cards come in smaller packages than the Traditional Discs, so they take up less shelf space.

Product Key Cards

* For use on new, preloaded PCs only
* 1 license / 1 device / non-transferable
* Activates preloaded Office SKUs
* Does not include media

Traditional Discs (FPP)

* H&S: 1 license up to 3 devices within same household*
* H&B and Pro: 1 license / up to 2 devices for same user
* Portable device rights
* License is transferable to another PC
* Includes media for use on uncovered PCs (PCs that are not preloaded with Office) and for backup

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