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Friday, January 7, 2011

View PowerPoint 2010

1• Through PowerPoint, people can make presentations for many aspects, such as commercial, corporate, promotional / promo, advertising, training and so on. These presentations can contain graphics, images, videos or audios, arranged in any way possible. Sometimes we would like to share these presentations with our colleagues, classmates, customs, friends or family members.

With the rapid development of Microsoft Company, the new version of PowerPoint 2010 becomes more and more powerful. There are many new features added to the upcoming version of PowerPoint 2010. It allows users to add video clips from online site directly to your presentation, edit the video and even trim the video. In addition, more fluent animation and a plenty of transition effects comes with the new version PowerPoint 2010, empowers you to create a presentation just like a movie. In this situation, you must want to view the presentation on TV. Now, please following this article, you will learn how to view your PowerPoint 2010 presentation on TV and what you can do more by playing PowerPoint on TV.
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powerpoint 2010 to video
View PowerPoint 2010 on TV with DVD player

To play presentation on TV, the first important thing you need to do is converting PowerPoint 2010 to DVD. In my previous post article of new Features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, I mentioned one of the new features is that PowerPoint 2010 supports user to convert presentation to video format directly. Following the steps to convert PowerPoint 2010 to video:
Step 1: Open your presentation that you just create by PowerPoint 2010
Step 2: Click Office Button, and then choose Share option
Step 3: Click Create a video under File Types of Share option
Step 4: Click Create Video button

After converting your presentation to video, you can burn your Video to DVD. Well, now it's the time for you to view PowerPoint 2010 on TV with DVD player.
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Do more by playing PowerPoint 2010 on TV

1. Create a summer story DVD slideshow for your summer vacation stories
You may just spend a period of very nice time during your summer vacation, and then you can collect your summer vacation stories and make them into summer story DVD slideshow with PowerPoint 2010 to DVD solution. After you created a summer story DVD, you can view it on TV with your classmates, friends, family members or preserves as a souvenir.
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2. Create a corporate promotional DVD for hypermarket
You can make an every week/month/quarter promotional DVD with PowerPoint 2010 to DVD solution for displaying on the hypermarket TV or distribute the DVD copies that contained promotional information out to the potential and existing customers to avoid printing them.
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3. Create an advertisement DVD of a ice cream store
You may have a TV screen at your entrance, then you can make an advertisement DVD presentation about new arrival with PowerPoint 2010 to DVD solution, and then putting the advertisement DVD on the screen. Click here to find a good PowerPoint template for you to create an Ice cream advertisement DVD.
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4. Create an informative DVD
You can also create an informative presentation with PowerPoint 2010 to DVD solution, and then display the informative DVD on TV for restaurant, waiting room, lobby or foyer.
As PowerPoint enables us create so many useful presentation and share presentations so widely, let's expect the upcoming version of PowerPoint 2010. Go to case study center to learn more cases about how to expand the creativity of using PowerPoint.

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