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Saturday, September 18, 2010

VMware Infrastructure Management PowerPack – now with Visio 2010 support!

Tonight I have published a new version of the VMware Infrastructure Management Power Pack. This release (version 2.4.0) is the first release that provides near 100% feature parity between both Power GUI Forums and the Virtualization EcoShell. I say near 100% feature parity because Power GUI Forums supports displaying progress dialogs during calls to Write-Progress but the Virtualization EcoShell does not, so Power GUI Forums users have a minor leg up over the Virtualization EcoShell experience. Depending on what environment you are coming from, you will notice some of the following improvements to this PowerPack:

1.Visio 2010 support for vDiagram functionality

2.Charts for virtual machines, datastores, and resource configuration data

3.Progress bars during the rendering of diagrams created with the vDiagram functionality

4.Improved layout in the nodes in the tree

5.Simplified connection logic, making it easier for you to reuse scripts generated by the PowerPack

6.Additional minor bug fixes

Note that version 4.1 of the VMware PowerCLI is not supported with this release at this time, due to a Number of issues . For now the only supported version of the VMware PowerCLI is version 4.0 U1.

If you are an existing user of this PowerPack, you will automatically get notified about the new version. If you haven’t looked at this PowerPack yet and you manage VMware vSphere, Virtual Center, ESX, or ESXi hosts, I strongly encourage you to give this PowerPack a try. You can download it here. It provides an excellent management experience over those VMware hosts, and it’s free!

As usual, many of the enhancements we add in these releases are based on customer feedback on the Power GUI Forums . If you’d like to see more improvements to this PowerPack, please speak up and let us know on the forums. We’re always listening!


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