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Monday, September 27, 2010

Create Macros In Microsoft Office Word 2010

Macros has been an old phenomenon of Office apps allowing you to record set of actions you perform on document, and to repeat them in future. Through Macros, you don’t need to perform same action, i.e, change formatting, style, font family, size, and color over and over again in document. It actually records each and every click, keystrokes that you do while performing the task. So you can play it back to perform same action over any other document.

To begin with, launch Word 2010 and open a document in you want to record a macros. For Illustration, we have included a document containing a paragraph. We will be record a macro for a simple formatting of paragraph.

For recording a Macro, navigate to View tab and from Macros options, click Record Macro.

It will bring up Record Macro dialog, now enter a Macro name, and under Assign macro to options, click Keyboard button to assign Hotkey.

Now place insert cursor in Press new shortcut key box, and assign a hotkey by pressing keys combination on keyboard. Click Assign to assign hotkey to macro and click OK.

You will tape recorder like image with pointer indicating that macro is now recording actions. We will be doing some formatting over the text like insert drop box, change paragraph color, etc.

To stop recording macro, head over to View tab and from Macro options, click Stop Recording.

Now we will be executing macro over new document to align with the formatting style we have applied earlier.

Run the macro by pressing hotkey assigned. In our case it is Ctrl+Shift+M. It will immediately apply recorded formatting style to the new paragraph.

For saving a macro-enabled document, on File menu, click Save as. From Save as dialog, under Save as type options, click Word Macro-Enabled Template (*dotm). Enter an appropriate name of document and click Save.

We have demonstrated recording a macro with simple steps and applied less formatting over aforementioned document content. However , you could create a complex one, which would record tons of design change and formatting styles.

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