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Monday, August 23, 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 : What’s Exclusive !

Microsoft has finally unveiled the next version of Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Office 2010 for limited technical preview. All the Office applications within the suite have been upgraded and the most popular application, Microsoft Word 2010 has got some major upgrades in terms of features and enhancements.

Below is the in-depth description about various features, which have been introduced in Microsoft Word 2010.

1. Browser version of Microsoft Word 2010

The most significant addition to Microsoft Word 2010 is the introduction of its browser version, apart of the exisitng desktop version. With this latest addition, the word document can be published on web from the desktop version itself and can be edited via browser version as well. This eliminates the need of having desktop version of Microsoft Word 2010 on every computer you work with.

2. Document Fidelity

Fidelity is the ability to recreate the original source. With both the browser and desktop versions of Microsoft Word 2010, the user may like to switch between the two versions, while working on the same word document. Now, Microsoft has given special attention in preserving the fidelity of the Word document. This means that the appearance of the Word document in browser version will be almost similar to appearance of the same document in desktop version. Formatting, margins, fonts etc will not be distorted at all.

3. Instant Screenshot

With Microsoft Word 2010, there is a ‘screenshot’ button integrated within the ribbon, which enables the user to take an instant screenshot of the background of the word application. It has been assumed that the user wants to take the screenshot, present just below the word 2010 application. In case, the user wants to take a custom screenshot, then an option is provided called ‘Screen Clipping’, which enables the user to adjust the screenshot size and embed it directly into the word document.

ms word 2010 screenshot

word 2010

word 2010

4. Images background removal

Another feature that has been introduced in Microsoft Word 2010 is ‘background image removal’. This is a feature which eliminates the need of using Adobe Photoshop for the same purpose of removing background image. In the ribbon, click on ‘Format’ within ‘Picture tools’ and select the option ‘Remove background’. Further, mark the area which you want to keep. Once selected, the feature removes the image background. The accuracy of ‘background scrapping’ largely depends on the type of image. A high contrast image will produce better results than a low contrast image. This feature will produce satisfactory results for basic images.

word 2010

word 2010

microsoft word 2010

5. Collaborative Document Editing

This feature is exclusive to desktop version of Microsoft Office 2010. Using this new feature, multiple users can co-edit same word document simultaneously. Both the collaborating users are notified about the current editor of the word document.

6. More Art Effects in WordArt

More designs have been added to existing WordArt collection, such as ‘Neon effects’, Glass effect and more such variations, which were earlier possible exclusively with Photoshop.

microsoft office 2010

7. Artistic Effects

This is another image based feature which was exclusive to Photoshop and has now been included within Word application. You can now add artistic effects such as ‘Pencil effect’, ‘Cartoon effect’, ‘blur effect’, ‘Black & White effect’ among many other effects to any of your image inserted in Word document.

ms office 2010


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