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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Fix Windows Installer Error 6169

Windows Installer error 6169 is generated by Windows XP when installing Microsoft Office 2003. The error is generated when you install Office while running Windows in safe mode or if there is a corrupt or unregistered version of the Microsoft Windows Installer service on the computer. You can correct Windows Installer error 6169 by fixing corrupted registry entries on the computer.

Steps to Fix Error

1. Choose the "Start" menu and select "Run" to access the DOS command prompt.

2. Enter "typemsiexec.exe /unregister" at the prompt followed by the "enter" key. ON the subsequent screen, enter "msiexed /regserver" followed by the "enter" key.

3. Enter "regedit" at the DOS prompt followed by the "enter" key. Then, double click the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" registry entry followed by "Edit" and "Permissions" on the registry file menu.

4. View the user names. If you do not see "SYSTEM" listed, choose the "Add" menu button and enter "SYSTEM" in the "Enter the Object Names" box followed by selecting the "Check Names" menu option and the "Ok" menu button.

5. Choose the "Apply" menu option followed by the "Ok" menu button and exit the Windows Registry Editor by selecting the "File" and "Exit" menu options.

6. Restart your computer and the error will be corrected.


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