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Monday, August 2, 2010

How to Extract Multiple Images from Microsoft Word Docx Files

Microsoft Word offers is a excellent documentation application where in you can create a beautiful document with Images, Videos, Cliparts etc all inserted into the same file. Many a times you are in a situation where in you would like to grab all the Images from this file and reuse them on some other application. This can also be considered as the same situation where in you have written a article using MS Word and when you would like to publish this article through your Blog, you need to separate the Content & Images. In this article we are going to tell you a very small and useful trick using which you can quickly extract multiple Images from Docx files created using Word 2007 – 2010.

You need to first right click on the .docx file and change the default extension to rar or zip which are compressed file formats. If you have rar extraction software installed on your computer, then better rename the docx file to .rar.

docx rar rename

Once the renaming of the file is done you need to double click on this file to extract it, or else right-click and Extract or decompress the file using software’s like Winrar or WinZip where in all of the content would be extracted into a new folder. Under this extracted folder you will find a ‘media’ folder where all the Images would be stored. Open this which is located at ‘Extracted Folder > word > media’.

Docx Word Media Folder

A very simple and useful way to grab or extract all the images which are inserted within a Microsoft Word file.


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