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Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To Convert a Presentation to Video (WMV format)

Circumstances may arise that require you to convert your presentation to video for posting to the web, viewing on portable devices such as the Zune, or making it so that the user doesn’t need PowerPoint to watch the presentation.

1. Open the desired PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

2. Go to the Ribbon, click File and select Share.

3. Under the File Types section, select Create a Video.

powerpoint 2010

4. In the far right pane, select the quality of video that you wish to create.

powerpoint 2010

5. In the far right pane, select the whether you want to use Recorded Timings and Narrations.

powerpoint 2010

6. Finally, select the number of seconds to spend on each slide and click the Create Video button.

powerpoint 2010

7. The Save As window will appear. Browse to the location that the video file is to be saved to. Input a name for the file and click the Save button.

powerpoint 2010


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