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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Suite

The Microsoft Office suite of products have been used by millions of people worldwide and have become an integral part of the modern computing experience. However, because of its popularity, it can be a little daunting to call the Microsoft Office support hot line for help. Fortunately, many issues with Microsoft Office can be solved simply with basic troubleshooting steps.

Step 1
Register your software. If you are unable to save files or are receiving error messages every time you open a new Microsoft Office program, your software may not be registered. To register it, click on the exclamation point in the system tray and then enter the alpha-numeric code found on the back of the product box into the text box and press the "Enter" button. Note: for registration to be successful you will need to be connected to the Internet.

Step 2
Install missing components. When you first install Microsoft Office, you will be asked if you want to run a "complete", "typical" or "custom" install. If you selected either of the latter options, then there are probably advanced options missing from your software suite (such as Microsoft Office's Thesaurus or Microsoft Access' advanced database management tools). If you end up needing these options, reinsert your installation CD and then select "Complete Installation" from the menu. All missing features will be reinstalled.

Step 3
Close other programs. Because the newest versions of Microsoft Office are graphically intensive, they can require more resources from your computer. If you are using an older computer or operating system, this could be very taxing on your computer. To prevent slowdowns or freezes due to the large resource consumption of Microsoft Office, close other programs and excessive tabbed Internet browsing. Also limit downloads.

Step 4
Download glitch fixes. Like any software suite, Microsoft Office has its share of issues and glitches. Fortunately, Microsoft releases patches regularly to correct these issues. To check for patches related to your issue, visit the Microsoft FixIt site. See "Resources" for a link.


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