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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Fix Office Communication Problems

Fixing office communication problems is crucial to running a business, no matter how large or how small that business is. One way of solving a communication problem within an office is through the use of instant messengers (IMs). IMs do not take up a lot of memory, they don't cost any money, and they are user-friendly. Also, these messengers have features such as chat rooms, which allow communication to take place amongst many users simultaneously. Examples of free IMs include the Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Windows Live Messenger (see References).


Things You'll Need:

* IM software
* User accounts

1.Download and install one type of IM software into each computer (see References for options).
2.Create an account for every employee who will use the IM for communication purposes. In large companies, having each employee use the IM is not necessary. For instance, supervisors can communicate pertinent information to their teams verbally, or through written memos.
3.Provide the username and password information to each employee. The password can be the same enterprise-wide. Each individual employee will have her own username.
4.Have each IM user log into his account and add the rest of the employees to their contact lists. If there are many users, the Information Technology (IT) department should add the contacts to each account.

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