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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Common Microsoft Word 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Word 2010 is the latest office suite from Microsoft office stable. I have compiled commonly used shortcut keys for Microsoft office 2010, to help MS Word fans. Please go through the below list of keyboard shortcuts. Also, do update in comments if you know some more.

ALT+CTRL+1 - Apply Heading 1 to the selected text
ALT+CTRL+2 - Apply Heading 2 to the selected text
ALT+CTRL+S - Splits the Document
ALT+F7 - Moves to the Next Misspelling
ALT+F8 - Inserts Macros
ALT+R - Displays the Review tab
ALT+SHIFT+F7 - Dictionary
ALT+SHIFT+K - Mail Merge Check
ALT+SHIFT+R - Header Footer Link
ALT+SHIFT+T - Time Field
ALT+T+A - Autocurrect
CTRL + V - Paste copied text
CTRL + B - Bold Text
CTRL + C - Copy text selection
CTRL + I - Italic Text
CTRL + L - Align selected text to the left
CTRL + U - Underline Text
CTRL + X - Cut the selected text
CTRL + Z - Undo
CTRL+] - Grow Font one point
CTRL+E - Align selected text to the centre
CTRL+END - Navigate to end of the Document
CTRL+H - Find and Replace word or sentence
CTRL+J - Justifies Paragraph
CTRL+K - Add hyperlink to the selected text
CTRL+M - Indentation of the selected text
CTRL+P - Print the document
CTRL+PAGE DOWN - Browse Next
CTRL+SHIFT+, - Reduce Font size for selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+. - Increase Fontsise for selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+A - converts the selected text to capital letters or vice versa
CTRL+SHIFT+C - Copy Format
CTRL+SHIFT+D - Double Underline
CTRL+SHIFT+F - Displays the Font dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+F12 - Also launches Print
CTRL+SHIFT+F5 - Bookmark
CTRL+SHIFT+G - Displays the Word Count dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+K - Small Caps
CTRL+SHIFT+L - Applies Bullets
CTRL+SHIFT+M - Unindent the selection
CTRL+SHIFT+P - Font size select
CTRL+SHIFT+S - Displays the Apply Styles task pane.
END - End of line
F1 - Help window
F10 - Menu Mode
F12 - Save As
F5 - Goto page number
F7 - Spelling and grammar check
SHIFT+F5 - Go Back to previous state
ALT+CTRL+Z - Go Back to previous state
SHIFT+F7 - Thesaurus


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