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Thursday, July 15, 2010

10+ Improvements in Microsoft Office 2010

If you have downloaded MS Office 2010 and installed on your computer for sure you would have seen that there has been enormous difference in the new applications when compared to the older versions and these made to make sure that the product can stay in the competitive market. Here is a list of more than 10 improvements via which can tell you why this new package is quite better and why you should upgrade your MS Office Package right away.

Ms Office 2010 Programs

The splash screens for Office 2010 apps now have a “Cancel” button in the lower right corner. Apparently, users often open the wrong app by mistake, and this gives them a way out without having to wait for the app to completely load.

OpenType fonts give you detailed control of the how letters look when design is critical. You can use alternate versions of specific letterforms that vary in context, such as whether they fall at the beginning or end of a sentence, after specific other letters (ligatures), and so on. OpenType also gives you precise control over kerning, or the spaces between individual letters.

Excel Search Filters make it easier to hone in on what you’r looking for. Results appear as soon as you start typing your search term, and you can narrow your results by deselecting things you don’t want to see.

Microsoft has added letters to the desktop icons for the various apps, making it easier to tell which one is which. Of course, both PowerPoint and Publisher both use a “P” while One Note uses an “N” instead of an “O.” Still, it’s better than nothing.

Customizable Ribbons — and the ability to export customizations as XML files to create a consistent experience across your company.

Neutral Color Palette — Microsoft has gone with a white background instead of color gradients to improve readability.

New PowerPoint Transitions — including ripple, flip, doors, switch, honeycomb, shred, vortex, and more. They’re slick, but a little goes a long way.

Improvements In SmartArt — let you apply effects to document text, so you can still edit and spell check it.

Paste With Live Preview — some Office 2010 apps let you see your paste options before you finalize the action.

Manage Multiple Exchange Accounts — let you connect multiple Exchange mailboxes in a single Outlook profile.

Outlook Quick Steps — let you build macros to speed common tasks like forwarding an e-mail and deleting the original.

Outlook Social Connector — is a centralized view that includes e-mail threads, status updates, and files and photos from social networks like FaceBook and LinkedIn. It’s cool, but free Outlook add-ins like Xobni already offer this functionality.

Impressed with this? Quickly download and install a copy right away and see how good the new package is. Did you find any other improvements in this package? Let us know through the bottom comments form.


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