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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Office 2010 With PowerPoint

In this week our Hands on With Microsoft Office 2010 sequence, we jump into the newest release of PowerPoint. Microsoft new a lot of huge features that make PowerPoint easier to utilize, and distribute your presentations. A group of very essential improvements have been complete that will save populace a lot of aggravate as working with PowerPoint. Here are a few of the reasons to upgrade to 2010 when it comes out this month.

Broadcast Slide Shows

among Office’s new Web Apps and PowerPoint 2010 it is easier than ever prior to to give presentations distantly. Now you can give a unique URL where users can observe your Presentation live.

Record Slide Shows as Videos

A enormous issue I had with PowerPoint in the long-ago was sharing Slide Shows. In college it was forever a chance bringing in Slide Shows to class from an older or newer story of PowerPoint and hopeful all was displayed as I planned. With the new Record Slide explain Feature this is no longer something to agonize about. Now you can relax certain meaningful that your appearance is displayed correctly by presenting it as a video. demo your slide show as a Video also makes it easier to share online, to users without PowerPoint.

Better tools for Handling Video

PowerPoint at the present offers fresh tools that let you add all sorts of videos to your slide shows. You can now add videos from your preferred video sharing websites, by copy and pasting the embed code from the site, and the video ends up in your presentation. You can also import videos to your appearance from your hard drive. Once a video is added to your presentation, PowerPoint provides you with a lot of features for editing your video. This saves a lot of time and disturb, and makes adding videos to your Slide Show a breeze.

These are just a few of the great new features in PowerPoint 2010. Keep your eyes on Software News Daily as we dive even deeper into Office 2010.

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