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Thursday, June 17, 2010

MS Office Mobile 2010 For Windows

Microsoft has been progressively laying the basis for the launch of Windows Phone 7, its all-new smartphone OS. Believe Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 a departure gift to Windows Mobile 6.5 phone owners. The company's newest convenient office suite, is previously accessible for free via Windows Marketplace for Mobile. It's a hard option for editing stored documents or e-mail attachments, syncing with files stored on a SharePoint 2010 site, and—new to this version—performing as a cool appearance support.
Supported Devices and Installation

Your Office knowledge will depend on your device. appraisal documents and creation minor edits on the all-touchscreen HTC Pure for AT&T was excellent, but typing with the scrunched on-screen keyboard proved to be a royal pain. A bigger handset, like the excellent HTC HD2, or any device with a mixture hardware QWERTY keyboard and touch screen, would be preferable. Microsoft has deserted support in Office Mobile 10 for non-touchscreen devices, so count those out as well.

Anyway, you'll still need a stylus. Most of the app's fonts, toolbar items, and OK icons for closing dialog boxes remain far too small for finger touches. Windows Phone 7 may get rid of the need for a bundled stylus later on this year, but for now, we're fixed with the 2002-era UI.

I experienced Office Mobile 2010 on an HTC Pure, though getting started proved to be an adventure. Windows Marketplace for Mobile initially threw repeated connection errors, even though the phone had no problem going out to the Web via Internet Explorer. On a different day, it finally worked, so I was able to proceed with the review.

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