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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

fine no one told me that the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta was accessible! I downloaded the technical sample for Office 2010 in August and since then I’ve been using it each day. The only item out of the normal I’d noticed with the technical sample was that it was very time-consuming to open presented documents.
well, in case you’ve missed the declaration too, the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is now accessible for FREE download and it looks like anybody can put their hands on it (disparate the technical preview, for which you had to put your name down and wait for an request). You’ll need to register with Microsoft before you can download it.

The range of the download is similar to that of the technical preview (632 Mb) and it took me maybe 5 minutes to download it. They provide you your product key on the site, which you type in when installing Office.

The remarkable thing about my new installation of office 2010 Word is that in the title bar it still says (Technical Preview). However, it’s plain that this is a new version. offstage View, for instance is missing the inundated colours of the original technical preview. I’ve not had a chance to explore in any great detail so there may be other obvious changes.

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