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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Expanded Support for Microsoft Office Version 2010

I first was a “award hater”. The cause for this is easy. I consider in the belief of power recall. That is with perform a great deal of what we recognize lives in other parts of our bodies as well our mind. performing the same keystrokes thousands of period is a well-built knowledge and support model. The ribbon made me have to scotch a lot of that “knowledge” and learn how to do some tasks over. Love it or hate it the ribbon is here to stay.

Office 2010 is out now. A significant change is that ribbon support has been extended to all Office 2010 applications, most notably in Microsoft Outlook. A few obvious changes are that the Office button in the upper-left hand corner of the screen has been redesigned. The office button is now a small, unobtrusive rectangle—see Figures 1 and 2 from our Ribbon Simple Pad Demo. The primary goal of the ribbon is move menu commands that often required several clicks, drilling down through menus to find operations, to easily accessible controls, organized and grouped onto the ribbon. An enhanced commitment to fingertip access is a big part of the new office push.

Another cool new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 is the “Backstage View”-see Backstage View in Outlook 2010 in Figure 3. The Backstage View “is essentially one stop shopping for information about documents and common tasks you can perform”.

DevExpress’ support for Office 2010 style WinForms development includes the re-located Office button feature located in the Ribbon Page Header-see Figure 2. An application icon was not supported in Office 2007. Where the Office button in 2007 used to exist an application icon is now present for Office 2010 style development. Consistent with MS Office 2010 applications the DevExpress ribbon uses glassy, gradiently shaded region—visible in a comparison between Figures 1 and 2, and an Expand/Collpase button has been added to the Ribbon Page Header area. Backstage View support has also been added to the DevExpress RibbonControl.

Delivered hand-in-hand with MS Office 2010, DevExpress’s support for ease of use and consistency with other mainstream applications your users will be exposed to, the Version 2010 DevExpress WinForms controls will permit you to build up-to-date Office style applications. The result is that your users will have an improved experience working with your custom Office-style applications built with DevExpress Version 2010as Microsoft is banking on with their premier Office application suite.

Download-Compare-Decide and experience DevExpress’ commitment to helping you build applications that improve your time to delivery and excite your customers. We are excited to bring you Office 2010 style WinForms development in version 2010 and much, much more.
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