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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outlook Express Email Account

email account
A host of email clients these days give out software and applications to enable a user to create an email account apart from the regular web-based browsers. These email clients are supported by a host of software companies. Prominent among them is Microsoft. The software gaints has been developing excellent email clients and still continuous to do so. Its latest offering is the Windows Live Mail.

The Outlook Express was the email client created before the present one, but it still goes down well with a lot of companies. A lot of companies still deploy the Outlook Express to carry out the functioning of their companies and to enable smooth and unparallelled communication among its employees. The Outlook Express also serves the same purpose like all email clients, to send and receive emails. Creating a personal or a business email account is simple in the Outlook Express and can be created with no issues. There are some things to keep in mind while creating the email account and if these steps are kept in mind, it should be a smooth ride.

Firstly, one will need to create an email account. An old email account will also do. Next go to Start and choose Outlook Express from All Programs and select Accounts. At this point, choose the "Mail" tab in the Internet Accounts window. Now click Add and then click Mail from the side menu. Next up, the user will have to enter a lot of information. Enter name in the Internet Connection wizard, email that one wishes to use and the sever information (contact ISP for information if unsure). Click Next as you endure all these three points. Finally, enter the email account name and password in the next window, this can also be accessed through the ISP or the control panel. Click Next for the final time and then on Finish.

With the completion of the last step and after the task following it, the Outlook Express email account has been created. Remember to follow the above manual with absolute accuracy and stick to the basics listed in it. A user should have no problem creating the email account for further use.

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