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Monday, October 12, 2009

Windows 7 Accessory Upgrade

Windows 7 accessories have seen some nice upgrades. These improvements are long over-due.

Windows 7 Calculator

The Windows 7 calculator has some nice new features. The keyboard is subtly redesigned and is easier to read. You now have the option of a multi-line display that shows a history of what you've keyed into the calculator. There are more calculation modes. Besides simple mode, there is scientific mode, a programmers mode and a statistics mode. The digit grouping makes it much easier to read long numbers.
There is also a whole raft of extra functionality that takes place in an additional pane to the right of the calculator when these special functions are enabled.
Windows 7 calculator date worksheet Functions include:

* Unit conversion
* Date calculations
* Mortgage worksheet
* Vehicle lease worksheet
* Fuel consumption worksheets (mpg and L/100 km)
The new Windows 7 calculator is now more useful than ever.

Perhaps some day they will add plugins to the mix. Those worksheets have really captured my imagination. A financial calculator would be great. Such things may be on the way.

Windows 7 Microsoft Paint

Windows 7 Paint Microsoft Paint has seen a big upgrade. It has more of the Microsoft office look with a modern ribbon design, and more functionality to go with it.
There are a variety of brushstrokes to choose from, more powerful text functions (for example, the text changes as you hover over the drop down menus for different fonts), there is a crop tool (it's about time!) and a number of other nice features.
Microsoft paint is beginning to go beyond a toy. All they need to do is to keep the various shapes and lines as objects, add some alignment tools, and it will be come a handy little graphics tool for quite drawings and annotating images and screen captures.
Certainly it is a lot more fun than it ever was before, and a lot more usable too. At least it has rulers and gridlines to help out with your design work.

Windows 7 WordPad

Windows 7 WordPad has been upgraded as well. It too has a new ribbon giving it a more modern look.

Added functions like inserting pictures and direct integration with Paint are nice touches.

It's a pretty decent little word processor if you don't need anything beyond the most basic formatting. I doubt it will ever see more powerful formatting options like styles and tables.

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