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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Install support template in Microsoft Office Word 2003

Solution: Run 'Microsoft Office 2003 Setup' wizard. Select 'Add or Remove Features', 'Next'. Select 'Choose advanced customization of applications', 'Next'. Expand 'Microsoft Office Word', 'Wizards and Templates'. Click 'More Templates and Macros'. Select 'Run all from my computer', click 'Update'.

Details: Microsoft Word 2003 is the word processing application software and is one of the components of Microsoft Office 2003 suite. A template can be used to keep uniformity in the formatting of the documents. Support templates are used to repair and change the default settings of Word 2003. You can also set default preferences for the documents.
Follow To install support template:
1) Click 'Start' and click 'Control Panel'. (The 'Control Panel' window appears.)
'Control Panel' window
2) Click the 'Add or Remove Programs' icon. (The 'Add or Remove Programs' window appears.)
'Add or Remove Programs' window
3) In the 'Currently installed programs' list, select 'Microsoft Office 2003'.
4) Click the 'Change' button. (The 'Microsoft Office 2003 Setup' wizard appears.)
'Microsoft Office 2003 Setup' wizard
5) Select the 'Add or Remove Features' option.
6) Click 'Next'. (The 'Custom Setup' screen appears.)
'Custom Setup' screen
7) Select the 'Choose advanced customization of applications' check box.
8) Click the 'Next' button. (The 'Advanced Customizations' screen appears.)
'Advanced Customization' screen
9) In the 'Choose update options for applications and tools' list, expand 'Microsoft Office Word'.
10) Expand 'Wizards and Templates'.
11) Click the icon for 'More Templates and Macros'.
12) Select 'Run all from my computer'.
13) Click the 'Update' button.

Symptoms: How to: Install support template in Microsoft Office Word 2003. | Unable to install support template in Word 2003.

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